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Traditonal or Existing Waste Water Treatment is Slow and Inefficient

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We design, build and operate wastewater treatment facilities and bio fuels facilities

Draconis Digesters

Are low cost, high efficiency trickle filter digesters that remove nutrients and digest up to 90% of the BOD in a waste water stream by adding additional surface area to an existing waste water treatment facility

You owe it to your company or community to learn more

DDS has superior cost benefits, effiency benefits, lowest capital installation costs and lowest operational costs.  DDS Provides the highest BOD destruction with the lowest cost per pound of BOD removed.


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Draconis Digester Benefits


Cost Benefits

  • Low cost solution for existing waste water treatment facilities
  • Lowest capital Installation costs
  • Lowest operations cost (40% of conventinal treatment systems
  • Least expensive way to add surface area to an existing waste water treatment facility for digestion of BOD
  • Lowest cost for nutrient removal from a waste water stream

Efficiency Benefits

  • High efficiency media and ecological environment for BOD destruction
  • Can digest extremely high BOD waste stream of over 20,000 BOD
  • System maximizes organic waste destruction
  • Outstanding results for lowering BOD
  • Eliminates nearly 90% of sludge production

Capital Installation Cost Benefits

  • Low cost design utilizes few operational wear components
  • Provides the greatest BOD destruction for the least capital expenditure
  • Simplest and most economic solution for existing waste water treatment facilities to add surface area for lowering their BOD
  • DDS is an auxillary system that operates under the facilities current permit

Operational Cost Benefits

  • DDS has very dependable and low maintenance operation
  • Provides BOD destruction at 40% of the operational cost of conventional systems
  • utilizes very few moving parts
  • Completely automated and can be remotely monitored
  • Low cost maintenance and management agreement

BOD Destruction and Nutrient Removal


BOD Destruction

  • The DDS provide an ideal environment for BOD destruction
  • Utilizes a high surface area plastic media as a bio filter
  • The digester environment is completely tunable for an organic waste stream
  • Microbial ecology in digester is able to adapt to changes in influent rapidly

Nutrient Removal

  • BOD destruction results in nutrient removal by microbial biomass production
  • Nutrient removal provides higher water quality effluent
  • Effluent quality can be affected as needed by tuning the digester environment
  • Digester flow rates can be tuned as required
  • Higher nutrient removal can result in greater sludge production that can be further digested

Sludge Digestion

  • Draconis Digester System can eliminate nearly 90% of sludge generated by waste water treatment
  • This lowers sludge disposal costs to nearly 1/10 of prior costs
  • Micron and membrane filtration can retain the nutrients during sludge digestion
  • Retained nutrients have little to no odor

Low Influent Volume Facility


Systems with Low Influent Flows of Less Than 250,000 Gallons are Housed in a Building

Enclosing the facility in a building helps to protect the system from ultraviolet rays and allows the use of lower cost PVC components in most cases

Provides Stable Temperature Regime

Utilizes the building as insulation from the environment and allows the system to operate at highest digestion potential

Creates Beneficial Environment for Most Efficient Digestion

A stable environment allows the system ecology to remain constant and healthy this provides for the most rapid BOD destruction

Eliminatese Complete Changeover in Microbial Ecology Due to Seasons Changing

This eliminates odors asscoiated with the ecological collapse that occurs in normal sewage treatment operations

High Influent Systems


Utilizes Insulated Tanks

Helps Maintain Stable Ecology

Allows for Efficient Use of Space at Waste Water Treatment Facility

Keeps Facility Cost Down

Makes Maintenance of Larger Pumps and Valves Easier

Pump and Valve Skids along with Control Room are housed in Onsite Building


Tank Design

Bulkhead Manifold Allows for Input and Instumentation Access

The Draconis Digester System is an extremely efficient system for the digestion of sewage influent, sewage sludge or high waste industrial influents.  It can handle high FOG feeds effectively using either aerobic or anaerobic digestion

The system is simple in design but extremely efficient in BOD destruction utilizing sophisticated computer control software to provide remote monitoring ability and maintenance notification.  The DDS outperforms other systems by providing the digestion of BOD at the lowest operating cost avaialble on the market.

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Draconis Digester Systems provides low cost, low maintenance and dependable sewage treatment systems that can be added to existing waste water treatment facilities to lower their BOD discharge to comply with the Clean Water Act.  DDS can also be used as a stand alone system for installation as the waste water treatment facility for a community or newly establsihed subdivision.

Draconis Digester System-Complete Waste Water Treatment


Process and Apparatus for Bio-Solids Concentrator and Digester

Provides for the digestion of waste water in a stand alone system that can operate as the waste water treatment facility for a community or Industry.  This system passes 80% of the influent through the filter system and retains only about 20% making it extremely cost effective.  Lowering capital costs and operaing costs

The DDS can be a Complete Waste Water Facility for a Site With no Exisitng Facility

Guarantees Effluent Quality

Using micron filtration and membrane filter on all water that is discharged ensures the quality of the effluent

Includes a Sludge Digestion System

All backflush from the micron filter system and the membrane filter system are sent to the sludge digester to reduce the total BOD.  Only about 20% of the total flow of the facility is retained and handled in the sludge digester making it much higher BOD and a much smaller system.

Soluble Compounds that are difficult to separate are digested in the first stage

The soluble compounds composed of simple sugars and soluble fatty acids in the waste water influent are easily digested and converted into microbial biomass, then they are easily separated in the clarifier

Clarifier Bottoms are Sent to the Sludge Digester System

This configuration creates the most efficient BOD destruction using the smallest system and results in the lowest capital cost in the industry.  Passing 80% of the water through the filtration system both guarantees the lowest operating cost and guarantees the discharge water quality

Installation and Operation


Draconis Digester System can be Installed in Several Places within a WWT Facility

Depending on the Waste Water Treatment Facility's requirements the system can be installed to target the specific areas where the existing system is not performing

Primary Treatment

When installed in the primary treatment it removes water from the primary tanks and digests the organics and then re-enters the water into the primary or into the secondary as desired by the operator

This most likely would be used for WWT facilities that have high FOG

The DDS could work anaerobically with the FOG to produce energy in the form of methane gas and lower the FOG-BOD load

Secondary Treatment

This installation would be desirable for WWT facilities that need to lower their BOD output or other nutrient outputs such as Nitrogen or Phophorous

The DDS would work aerobically to maximize the biological growth to tie up the nutrients in microbial biomass

Tertiary Treatment

The Draconis Digester System utilized in the tertiary treament would be to trim the BOD of the effluent to meet regulatory requirements

The advantages are that if the WWT facility is not too far out of compliance the system can be relatively small keeping the costs down.

The DDS can be used to expand treatment capability for a growing community

Activated Sludge System

One of the most beneficial uses of the DDS is to remove the sludge disposal issue for a community or industry

DDS used at the activated sludge system will reduce the sludge output by digesting the organic biomass

The sludge can be reduced by 85-90% 

The high horsepower blowers providing air to the activated sludge system can be removed.

The sludge is more efficiently digested by the fixed film membrane filter at 40% or less of the cost per pound of BOD removal.

Sludge Storage Tank

The DDS utilized at the sludge storage tank for a WWT facility that otherwise is operating in compliance with the Clean Water Act will benefit by the elimination of 85-90% of the sludge removal costs.

Sludge is reduced to essentially the inorganic component.The sludge remaining has little to no odor.

If a community has no heavy metal issues then the remaining sludge can be used for landfill or non-agricultural application such as nurseries and golf courses.

Anaerobic Digestion


The Draconis Digester System Can be Operated Anaerobically

  • The same digester can be operated anaerobically by simply shutting off the air
  • Shut off the air and the system becomes an efficient methane producer for all of the same resons it was an efficient aerobic digester
  • Add gas collection system
  • Add power generation island
  • Add power connection equipment
  • These services are avaialble by contract

Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG

  • Fats, oils and greases are efficiently and economically removed via anaerobic digestion
  • resulting in the production of methane
  • That can provide some or all of the power required to operate the system


You Owe it to Your Community or Company

  • Lowest Installation Cost
  • Lowest Operations Cost
  • Tunable for All Organic Waste Streams
  • Naturally Occuring Microbial Activity
  • No Chemicals Required
  • No Odors Produced


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